Kenozero Stories
Collecting and telling stories of the North using digital technologies
Stories shape the world we are living in. They bind communities together. They help uphold traditions and re-interpret cultural and natural heritage.

Within Northword project, we use digital technologies to gather and bring to life the stories of Kenozero.

Join us in sharing these stories. Tell your own – in the form of a narrative, image or recollection or whatever form you think may fit to share your story about Kenozero or its cultural or natural heritage.

What should your story be like?
Your story is welcome in any form. Text or audio, if it is a flashback or real-life situation or experience. Image, if there's a story behind it. Dot the place of your story on the map or share a dish recipe or description of a trade of craft you think might be interesting to know about.

It does not matter what form you choose for your contribution as long as it celebrates the culture or nature of the Kenozero area.
Share your story
Thank you for sharing you story! By sending it to us you agree that it can be edited and published in any of the publicly available media. Participation in this project does not imply payment in exchange for your contribution. You further acknowledge that your contribution can be used to inspire the creative industry – artists, musicians, artisans who wish to create a new product or artwork connected to your story.
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About project
StoryTagging runs with the support from the European Union and its Northern and Arctic Periphery Programme.

It strives to combine traditional storytelling with modern technology to support creative actors in the North.

With a timeline of two years, the project will keep Kenozero National Park busy gathering the information about its home area – traditions, folklore, architecture, landscapes, anything that highlights diversity of the natural and cultural heritage of the Russian North. The resultant data will be presented in the digital storytelling format on the project's website and the digital platform called Northword (available for Android and iOS devices).

Subsequently, Kenozero National Park will form a select group of creative actors based in the Russian North to provide them with economic support as a way to help expand the market reach of their products inspired by the heritage of Kenozero.

StoryTagging is a collaborative effort of partners in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Russia, the latter represented solely by Kenozero National Park.